MAXio Solid State Drives
Meet the ideal mix of performance and reliability for a variety of application workloads with MAXio™ PCIe SSDs.
Into the Cloud
More and more data is moving into the cloud. But how do you achieve the retrieval performance, reliability, availability and security needed?
Content That Can't Wait
Users demand instant access to content. How do you create a seamless audio-visual experience competitor can't match?
For the Most Critical Missions
The most valuable resource is intelligence.
Protect this with the most rugged and secure drives.
BiTMICRO Expands Global Partnership
Global Expansion of the BiTMICRO Footprint Includes Opening the Gateway to China Via Strategic OEM Partnerships
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BiTMICRO maxIO Solid State Drives
MAXio™ Solid State Drives
For enterprise users who need reliable performance for a variety of application workloads.
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BiTMICRO Ace Drive I-Series SSDs
Ace Drive™ E-Series SSDs
For enterprise users who need speed and capacity to boost their servers and storage systems.
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BiTMICRO Talino Architecture
Ace Drive™ I-Series SSDs
For industrial users who need to be sure their data is safe anywhere they take it.
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BiTMICRO Military Security Features
e-disk® Altima™ Solid State Drives
For industrial users who need drives that can withstand extreme environments.
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Big Data
Content Streaming
Offer an unmatchable streaming experience to users by upgrading your systems with our SSD technology.
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Military and Industrial
Maintain exceptional reliability and data integrity in the most extreme environments.
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