MAXio® E-Series
PCIe Solid State Drives

For enterprise users who need reliable performance in a variety of application workloads.


e-disk® Altima
Solid State Drives

For military and industrial users who need drives to withstand extreme environments.

Ace Drive I-Series
Solid State Drives

For enterprise and military users who need compact solutions.

Management Software

For enterprise users who want to manage their systems with ease.



For today’s most demanding business applications, the BiTMICRO MAXio family of SSD solutions delivers enterprise-class performance. Our unique technology enhances the speed and productivity of enterprise applications making them perfect for a variety of environments.

MAXio SSDs are built upon a history of innovation in military and mission-critical IT environments and as a result, remove barriers to achieve enhanced business performance and productivity. The MAXio enterprise SSDs are a combination of military-like ruggedness, advanced flash management, high capacity, and superior performance.

Military & Industrial

In the harsh and grueling military environment, the BiTMICRO Altima and Ace family of SSDs deliver ruggedness that will not be compromised. Altima and Ace SSD solutions are built with BiTMICRO-patented technology to withstand extreme levels of temperature, shock, vibration, and altitude. Altima and Ace Drives keep military-grade information safe from unauthorized compromises. Built with the highest standards for security and performance in mission-critical IT environments, Altima and Ace SSDs meet the stringent demands found in any military and industrial sector.