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Military Quality, Enterprise Speed

Innovation is one of the keys to the success at BiTMICRO®. The company has been actively involved with research and development projects in the solid state storage (SSD) industry for about 20 years and has accumulated over 40 registered patents and many products. BiTMICRO has a reputation for exceeding the extreme reliability requirements of the military as well as the capacity and performance needs of the enterprise market. Through the MAXio®, e-Disk® Altima™, and Ace Drive™ SSD product lines, military, industrial, and enterprise needs are met with the highest standards.

The BiTMICRO products are protected by one or more of the following patents:

Patent No.Title
8165301Input-output device and storage controller handshake protocol using key exchange for data security
8093103Multiple chip module and package stacking method for storage devices
8032700Hybrid multi-tiered caching storage system
8010740Optimizing memory operations in an electronic storage device
7826243Multiple chip module and package stacking for storage devices
7729370Apparatus for networking devices having fibre channel node functionality
7716389Direct memory access controller with encryption and decryption for non-blocking high bandwidth I/O transactions
7620748Hardware assisted non-volatile memory-to-input/output direct memory access (DMA) transfer
7613876Hybrid multi-tiered caching storage system
7506098Optimized placement policy for solid state storage devices
6981070Network storage device having solid-state non-volatile memory
Method and apparatus for data recovery
6757845Method and apparatus for testing a storage device
6529416Parallel erase operations in memory systems
6317330Printed circuit board assembly
6744635Removable visual indication structure for a printed circuit board
6496939Method and system for controlling data in a computer system in the event of a power failure
5822251Expandable flash-memory mass-storage using hared buddy lines and intermediate flash-bus between device-specific buffers and flash-intelligent DMA controllers
6000006Unified re-map and cache-index table with dual write-counters for wear-leveling of non-volatile flash RAM mass storage
5956743Transparent management at host interface of flash-memory overhead-bytes using flash-specific DMA having programmable processor-interrupt of high-level operations
CN 1423917Printed Circuit Board Assembly
151278Printed Circuit Board Assembly
TW 55075Method and System for Controlling Data in a Computer System in the Event of a Power Failure
I228211Printed Circuit Board Assembly
4397143Printed Circuit Board Assembly
2388496Method and System for Controlling Data in a Computer System
I332701Multiple Chip Module and Package Stacking Method For Storage Devices