DriveLight™ Management Software


Control Your Information, Seamlessly


Access Drive Diagnostics and Configuration with One Powerful Tool

Manage MAXio® PCIe solid state drives (SSDs) with the new BiTMICRO® DriveLight Management Software. DriveLight Management Software offers an array of interactive features on a single interface, providing users with information necessary to complete device configuration, firmware updates, and performance troubleshooting as well as access health monitoring.

Efficiently Maintain Storage Systems

  • Oversee drive capacity and health data through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Monitor performance with live graphs and tables to track hotspots and schedule system maintenance.
  • Access data through straightforward logs.
  • Update firmware without interrupting device monitoring.

Reuse Drives Without Added Cost Using the BiTMICRO SecurErase Technology

Built into the DriveLight Management Software is the BiTMICRO SecurErase Technology. With this security feature, users can effectively erase data on non-volatile memory, repurposing the drive. With extended drive life, acquisition costs for new storage devices become minimized.


SSD Management

BiTMICRO DriveLight Management Software simplifies SSD management by providing an easy-to-use interface to update firmware, configure device settings, view log information, and check operational drive status. It also offers erasure of data through the SecurErase feature built-in the software.

Capacity and Health Monitoring

DriveLight Management Software provides the ability to monitor capacity usage and overall drive health. DriveLight can also generate alerts for required maintenance.

Performance Monitoring

DriveLight Management Software features detailed drive performance information, providing current and historical performance statistics for tracking and analysis. It enables administrators to quickly isolate and resolve concerns.



Product Information

Vendor and Product ID
Part Number, Serial Number, Date Manufactured
Firmware Version
Formatted Capacity

SSD Management

Firmware Update
SecurErase Technology
Log Information
Operational Status
- Detached Device Alerts
- Drive Health Alert

Capacity and Health Monitoring

Drive Life (TBs Written)
Link Up
Drive Partitions

Performance Monitoring

Random Performance (IOPS)
Bandwidth (MB/s)
Latency (ms)
Read/Write Ratio
CPU Utilization
Report Generator (csv format)

Platform Requirements


Host PC
Processor: 1 GHz and above
RAM: At least 1GB
1024x768 minimum display resolution