E-Disk® Altima™ Solid State Drives



BiTMICRO® has a rich history of designing the most rugged SSDs on the planet. E-Disk Altima SSDs have a strong track record of withstanding extreme levels of temperature, shock, vibration, and altitude.

Undergoing hours of rigorous environmental testing to ensure maximum performance in mission-critical situations, the E-Disk Altima’s reliability has been proven through countless military missions and industrial projects.

E-Disk Altima drives are not only physically impressive, but they record and protect data in situations requiring the highest level of security, meeting the stringent demands found in military and industrial sectors.

BiTMICRO-patented, military-class data security technologies keep your data completely safe from third-party retrieval. Unlike hard drives, E-Disk Altima SSDs use the advanced SecurErase technology to completely sanitize the drive, rendering data irretrievable.

The SecurErase feature runs on command or activates through other BiTMICRO technologies to provide sanitization even without a power source. Power Loss Erase allows for automatic sanitization in the event that an E-Disk Altima SSD loses its power source.

Mobile Erase runs SecurErase technology when a physical switch activates regardless of the drive having an external power source. This allows the drive to be carried from any location for an extended period and to erase data without power during transport if it need arises.

For data protection, E-Disk Altima drives are available with the patented PowerGuard technology which protects data in the event of power loss or degradation. When power is lost or unreliable, the PowerGuard feature flushes data from the volatile cache to the non-volatile flash to make sure data is safe while maintaining power within the super capacitors.

E-Disk Altima SSDs are available in standard 2.5” and 3.5” form factors, making them ideal replacements for unreliable hard drives in systems and enclosures where data is mission-critical and cannot afford to be lost. These rugged SSDs effectively respond to the demands of applications in extreme environments found in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), aviation, aerospace, and industrial applications.

E-Disk Altima SSDs do not need device drivers for installation and operation. With patented wear leveling and proprietary BCH error-correction code technologies, the drives have unbeatable reliability and endurance. E-Disk Altima drives are hot pluggable in some interfaces, helping support system availability and allowing a seamless, uninterrupted performance around the clock.


PowerGuard® Technology

PowerGuard is the BiTMICRO-patented solution for data protection during power loss or degradation. Low Voltage Detection identifies when voltage drops below a safe threshold and immediately begins moving data from the volatile SDRAM cache to the non-volatile flash memory. Integrated super capacitors provide power to make sure that all data saves if a full power loss occurs.

Superior Ruggedness

Designed to withstand extreme environments, the E-Disk Altima series is designed and tested to operate in the following scenarios:

  • Operating Temperature (Commercial): 0 to 70 °C
  • Operating Temperature (Industrial): –40 to 85 °C
  • Shock: 1,500 G
  • Vibration: 16.4 Grms
  • Altitude: –1,200 to 120,000 ft.
  • Humidity: 5 to 95% (non-condensing)

SecurErase® Technology

SecurErase technology sanitizes an entire drive that complies with military sanitization standards or through simple erasure. This feature is supported on the BiTMICRO D-Disk Altima SATA, PATA, Fibre Channel, SCSI U320, and SCSI Narrow drives. Sanitization standards supported include:

  • NISPOM DoD 5220.22-M
  • NSA 130-2
  • Air Force AFSSI 5020
  • Army 380-19
  • IRIG-106
  • AFSSI 5020/2003
  • AFSSI 5020/2003 CLR
  • NSA 9-12

Power Loss Erase

Power Loss Erase allows for a complete sanitization that complies with both military and industrial standards. It allows a drive to automatically run SecurErase sanitization on all data when removed from an external power source, protecting sensitive data from becoming compromised.

Mobile Erase

Mobile Erasure allows a drive to be removed from an external power with the option to activate the SecurErase feature at a later point. The drive can be transported for an extended period while allowing a complete sanitization that complies with military and industrial standards.


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