January 13, 2017

4K Ultra HD requires Solid State Storage Arrays

The broadcast industry is constantly being challenged with new demands. For example, formats like 4K Ultra HD require new equipment and infrastructures yet budgets continue to be constrained making it difficult to meet these new requirements. Creating, managing, and distributing broadcast content in the latest formats is complex from both the infrastructure and the budget perspective. However, falling behind is not an option.

A key element of any broadcasting infrastructure and budget is data storage hardware. More storage performance and capacity is required as: definitions continue to rise, more layers of color correction are used, and more graphic effects are added. Standard DV content requires about 13GB of storage per hour or approximately 217MB per minute. But with 4K Ultra HD, the raw production files are significantly larger. The cost of the camera pales in comparison to the cost of the storage hardware needed to edit, deliver, and archive 4K Ultra HD content. As an example, one hour of RAW 4K content requires close to 110GB of storage or approximately 1833 GB per minute. That’s nearly 8.5 times more storage for the same amount of time when compared to standard DV!

Storing Ultra HD is only part of the challenge in managing higher definition formats. Post-production processes, especially editing, require immediate access and playback for video editors. In many cases even standard DV content can bog down a system. You can only image what an Ultra HD file 8.5 times as large will do to the efficiency of creative video editors as they wait for files to be stored and played back. This problem becomes critical if the content is “on the fly” and is extremely time sensitive like sporting events or live convention coverage. In most cases, a significant system upgrade is required.

The 4K Ultra HD online editing and playback requires extremely fast random-access. Standard hard drive RAID systems can no longer support the performance required to edit and manage quantities of 4K Ultra HD within acceptable timeframes. To ensure efficient media production performance, use all flash arrays like the MAXio® All Flash Storage N1A6 or MAXio All Flash Storage N1C6 All Flash Storage Arrays.

The 12TB MAXio All Flash Storage N1A6 (iSCSI / NAS) or MAXio All Flash Storage N1C6 (FC) perform 20x faster on rendering production media and 26x faster on playback vs similar HDD arrays.

Writer: Zophar Sante, Business Development

Date: 1/13/2017

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