ACUMEN™ Omnia 200 Network Storage Node

  • NAS/file and block storage.
  • NIST ratified, FIPS 197- approved AES‑256 encryption for protecting data when stored.
  • Embedded Hardware Root of Trust and Secure Boot prevent ACUMEN Node from being compromised.
  • Dual 10Gb/s Ethernet ports for easy network connectivity and namespace creation.
  • Each ACUMEN Node provides 2TB or 4TB of capacity.
  • Aggregate multiple networked ACUMEN Nodes to increase namespace capacity and performance.
  • Use standard file system commands and data protection methods to ensure continuous access to mission data.
  • Compact size, portable, minimal power and low weight allow for use in a large variety of systems where low SWaP is important.
  • Mil-Spec focused rugged design withstands wide temperature ranges, high humidity, extreme vibration and shock.
  • RAMPART™ Security Configuration Utility is a management tool designed to manage, configure, monitor, and control the ACUMEN Node. It manages and controls security functions such as Access Rights Management, Authentication, Crypto Erase, and Zeroization. RAMPART Utility is offered in browser-based user interface and optional RESTful API version.



ACUMEN networked NAS and block storage supports a wide variety of data storage applications and workloads where reliable operation in harsh environments is essential.

ACUMEN Node features an ultra-low size, weight, and power design. It is an ideal storage solution for off-grid video recording, data logging, autonomous vehicles, and remote in-the-field command, control, communication, computer, intelligence, surveillance and other data gathering systems.

ACUMEN Node supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which provides a single network connection for power and data communication; replacing cumbersome legacy cables and is compatible with all PoE networks. For non-PoE enabled networks, use the BiTMICRO® PoE Injector to deliver power to the ACUMEN Node using existing network cables. ACUMEN Node also includes a standard 12V power connection if PoE is not available. 

ACUMEN Node with RAMPART Security Configuration Utility includes access rights management, role and identity-based access control, crypto erase, and zeroization. Moreover, with embedded NIST approved AES 256 encryption, data remains encrypted while at rest, with or without power. 

ACUMEN Node provides dual active/active 10GbE ports and up to 4TB of storage capacity for delivering high performance and capacity for data intensive environments. The dual ports deliver added redundancy in the event one of the up-stream connections were to fail.

Omnia 200
2 x 10GbE Auto MDIX, CANbus 2.0
Network Protocol
File-based: SMB3 (NAS)
File-based: CephFS (NAS)
Block-based: NVMe/TCP
Note: SMB1 support is available as an add-on feature.
Form Factor
Fanless, Self-Contained External Chassis
Storage Capacity
2TB or 4TB
Read: 428 MB/s
Write: 327 MB/s
Hardware Root of Trust
Secure Boot
Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)
HTTPS for RAMPART Security Configuration Utility
RAMPART Security Configuration Utility (Browser-based User Interface and RESTful API)
  • Access Rights Management
    • Add or Delete Users
    • Modify User Passwords
    • Share Folders (by any user to other users)
  • Security Features
    • Role-based Access Control
    • Identity-based Access Control
    • Crypto Erase
    • Zeroization
  • Node Shutdown

Note: RESTful API version is an add-on feature
Operating Temperature
-20 to +75 ºC
PowerGuard® Power Protection
1 Year
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