ACUMEN™ Scalable Secure Network Storage Node


BiTMICRO® ACUMEN Scalable Secure Network Storage Node provide AES-256 encrypted storage and cyber-secure transmission of military data. Combine multiple ACUMEN nodes to increase performance and capacity as-needed to solve your most data intensive workloads. ACUMEN can be enhanced with compute capability, providing an intelligent platform for a broad range of applications.

Each ACUMEN node includes secure, block-based, solid-state storage capacity with two 10Gb/s NVMe over IP ports for high-bandwidth data transfers. With NVMe over IP, one or many ACUMEN nodes can be combined to create a single namespace. To scale capacity and performance for a namespace, simply add more ACUMEN nodes.

ACUMEN nodes are compact,portable and have embedded Power over Ethernet, reducing the footprint required for space-constrained platforms through a single connection for power and data. ACUMEN nodes can easily be transported from an airborne system to a base system or to a remote location. ACUMEN nodes are military grade, capable of operating reliably in the harshest air, land, sea, and space environments. ACUMEN nodes are verified rugged to withstand the shock and vibration associated with mobile, widely distributed, and remote systems.

ACUMEN Scalable Secure Network Storage Node can be integrated with RAMPART™ Embedded Cyber Security for cyber-secure data transmission to another RAMPART-equipped ACUMEN node or any host equipped with RAMPART Module.

ACUMEN can be enhanced with different levels of compute capability, providing a secure, scalable, and powerful platform for data-recording, AI, smart sensors, autonomous systems, or gateway services.

ACUMEN nodes are available in three models to address the specific requirements of different applications:

  • ACUMEN HS: High Capacity,
  • ACUMEN HP: High Performance,
  • ACUMEN SWaP: Highly efficient Size, Weight, and Power
  • Seamless end-to-end AES-256 encryption for protecting data when stored and when transmitted through the network.
  • Two 10Gb/s NVMe over IP ports for easy network connectivity and name space creation.
  • Each ACUMEN node provides up to 8TB of capacity and/or up to 2GB/s of performance.
  • Aggregate multiple networked ACUMEN nodes to increase namespace capacity and performance.
  • Use standard file system commands and data protection methods to ensure continuous access to mission data.
  • Compact size, portable, minimal power, and low weight allow for use in a large variety of systems where low SWaP is important.
  • Mil-Spec focused rugged design withstands wide temperature ranges, high humidity, extreme vibration and shock.


HS Model

HC Model

SWaP Model

Form Factor
Self-contained External Chassis
Supported NAND Types
SLC, SLC Mode over 3D TLC,MLC Mode over 3D TLC, 3D TLC, 3D eTLC NAND
Sequential Read/Write: Up to 2GB/s
Sequential Read / Write: 500MB/s –Upgradable Up to 2GB/s
Sequential Read / Write: 500MB/s
Security & Encryption
Embedded AES-256, NIST ratified and FIPS approved
BiTMICRO RAMPART™ Cyber Security -Data remains encrypted during transmission -Embedded, Distributed, End-to-End, AES-256, NIST ratified and FIPS approved (Optional)
TCG Opal 2.0 Compliance (Optional)
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Compliance (Optional)
Crypto Erase (Optional)
Secure Erase (Optional)
Military Sanitization (Optional)
PowerGuard®Power Loss Data Protection
Operating Temperature
Industrial Extended Temp: -40 to 70 ºC
Industrial Wide Temp: -40 to 85 ºC
Standard: 1 Year
Extended (Optional): 3 Years
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