BiTMICRO PoE Injector Overview

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power in addition to data and images. A device normally requires two connections, a network connection for transferring data and another connection for the electrical power. PoE eliminates the need for the power connection, which lowers expenses […]

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BiTMICRO® Networks, Inc. Introduces ACUMEN™ Scalable Secure Network Storage Node

FREMONT, Calif. USA, June 29, 2019 – BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., a Silicon Valley technology innovator, announces ACUMEN Scalable Secure Network Storage Node. This cutting edge BiTMICRO ACUMEN Node is armed with AES-256 encryption to protect stored sensitive and classified data against unauthorized access. Designed with lightweight, compact and military-grade features, […]

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BiTMICRO® Announces BiTMICRO® RAMPART™ Distributed End-to-End Embedded Cyber Security

FREMONT, Calif. USA, Nov. 5, 2018 – BiTMICRO announces RAMPART Distributed End-to-End Embedded Cyber Security, its latest cyber security solution for military and industrial customers. BiTMICRO RAMPART Distributed Cyber Security delivers seamless AES-256 encryption. Data on remote and mobile systems is encrypted as it is captured and stored on RAMPART […]

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Data Security and Military Sanitization Standards

Data retention policies vary from organization to organization and are generally determined by legal requirements, the value of the information, and the cost to maintain the data. Data needs to be retained and accessible for a specified period of time. After that time has expired, the data needs to be […]

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BiTMICRO® E-Disk® Altima™ II and Heptagon Release

BiTMICRO® Industrial NVMe SSDs Pass Extreme Thermal Testing with High Performance at Heptagon Systems FREMONT, Calif. USA, January 31, 2018 – BiTMICRO® Networks, Inc. has been shipping their latest military and industrial grade E-Disk® Altima™ II and Ace Drive™ II, NVMe and SATA 2.5″ SSDs since November 2017. Heptagon Systems, […]

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