November 5, 2018

BiTMICRO® Announces BiTMICRO® RAMPART™ Distributed End-to-End Embedded Cyber Security

FREMONT, Calif. USA, Nov. 5, 2018 – BiTMICRO announces RAMPART Distributed End-to-End Embedded Cyber Security, its latest cyber security solution for military and industrial customers. BiTMICRO RAMPART Distributed Cyber Security delivers seamless AES-256 encryption. Data on remote and mobile systems is encrypted as it is captured and stored on RAMPART Cyber Secure Solid State Storage Module. Data remains encrypted as it is transmitted and written to another RAMPART Module-equipped location. With RAMPART Distributed Cyber Security, data remains encrypted from one location to another, end-to-end, from storage media to storage media. Data remains secure through any public or secure network, link, interface, bus, or memory. Even if remote or mobile systems are compromised or transmitted data is intercepted, it will be encrypted and unreadable.

Data is stored and transmitted between RAMPART Cyber Secure Solid State Storage Modules. These modules are low SWaP, rugged, and secure. They are designed for remote and mobile applications operating in harsh and hostile environments. RAMPART encryption is embedded and hardware-based, providing optimum performance. Data is stored on military grade solid-state storage using a variety of NAND types, from large geometry SLC to high capacity BiCS3 and can support up to 16TB of data.

The RAMPART infrastructure and modules are managed by BiTMICRO RAMPART Cyber Secure Management Software. It is a web-based, configurable framework that is language-neutral, platform-neutral, and extensible.

“Cyber Security is a top priority for the US Department of Defense and other military organizations,” states Stephen Uriarte, President of BiTMICRO. “BiTMICRO has been providing agile and innovative data security and storage solutions to military customers for nearly 20 years. We’re proud to offer RAMPART Distributed End-to-End Embedded Cyber Security, helping to extend cyber security to data stored and transmitted from remote or mobile systems in harsh or hostile environments.”

BiTMICRO is actively engaging with customers interested in learning more about RAMPART Distributed Cyber Security.

RAMPART Distributed End-to-End Embedded Cyber Security is being demonstrated at BiTMICRO Booth 408 at the International Telemetering Conference, November 5-8, 2018 in Glendale, AZ USA.

Founded in 1995, BiTMICRO is U.S.-based technology innovator, BiTMICRO continually strives to deliver highly secure and rugged solutions to military and industrial markets requiring the highest standards of quality and reliability. BiTMICRO is headquartered in Fremont, California.

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