June 8, 2017

BiTMICRO® Announces New E-Disk® Altima™ II Line of U.2 NVMe SSDs for Industrial and Military Applications

E-Disk Altima II SSDs set the standard for secure, rugged and reliable data storage in extreme environments and offer BiTMICRO PowerGuard® and SecureErase® Technology

FREMONT, Calif., June 13, 2017 – BiTMICRO® Networks, Inc. today announced availability of its new E Disk Altima II line of industrial and military grade U.2 NVMe 2.5” SSDs.

The new E-Disk Altima II line offers BiTMICRO’s PowerGuard and SecureErase Technology. PowerGuard technology ensures that all data in the SSD cache are stored onto flash memory without being lost in the event of power fluctuation or ungraceful shutdowns. SecureErase technology erases all data in the SSD quickly and irretrievably. Erasure of data can be done automatically via a command through the system interface or manually through external jumpers. The SecureErase feature can also be configured so that data is completely erased from flash memory in the event of external power degradation or loss. The new line is TCG Opal compliant, provides AES-256 encryption and meets most military specifications.

The E-Disk Altima U.2 NVMe SSD has the performance you would expect from an NVMe device. Unlike M.2 NVME SSDs, U.2 NVME 2.5” SSDs are usually installed in drive bays on the front of the host for simple maintenance and do not require any motherboard space. They can be stacked in rows or vertically mounted in one or two drive banks to deliver up to 96TBs of raw capacity in a 2U enclosure. Power consumption and weight are also very low to promote operational efficiency and portability for military and industrial applications.

“BiTMICRO is an industry pioneer, delivering ruggedized and secure solid state drives to leading industrial and military customers and prime contractors for over 17 years. We have a reputation for being dependable and quality focused,” said Stephen Uriarte, President of BiTMICRO. “NVMe is becoming the leading interface for solid state storage. We’re very excited to offer our new U.2 NVMe line of SSDs to our existing and new, industrial and military customers.”

The E-Disk Altima II U.2 NVMe SSD is available with MLC or pSLC flash. It is available in various capacities. Maximum pSLC is 1TB and Maximum MLC is 2TBs. It supports a temperature range of -60 to 95 degrees Celsius, an altitude of up to 120,000 feet and 1500 G of shock.

BiTMICRO®, a privately-held California corporation, was founded in 1995 and is a leading developer and manufacturer of flash-based SSD (solid state drive) technology, products and solutions. BiTMICRO has been shipping SSDs embedded with the company’s in-house developed patented technology uniquely designed for high reliability, durability, power efficiency and storage density. BiTMICRO is best known for delivering the extreme ruggedness, durability and security required for all industrial and military environments. BiTMICRO is headquartered in Fremont, CA, USA and has a subsidiary in the Philippines.

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