March 3, 2020

BiTMICRO PoE Injector Overview

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power in addition to data and images. A device normally requires two connections, a network connection for transferring data and another connection for the electrical power. PoE eliminates the need for the power connection, which lowers expenses and decreases complexity. In addition to the weight, cost, and space required to support a separate power system, you also need to install the power cables from the power system to the device. Routing power cables in addition to data cables increases the difficulty of installing new devices. This is especially true if the device or system is remote and difficult to reach.

Many organizations want to take advantage of using PoE devices and eliminate the need to have a separate power system and cables. But they don’t want to incur the cost and complexity of replacing their existing network switches and routers with new PoE enabled hardware.

BiTMICRO PoE Injector allows you to add PoE devices, sensors, cameras, and systems to legacy networks that don’t support PoE. You don’t need to replace your existing hardware to enjoy the cost and simplicity benefits of PoE.

To add PoE, simply connect your standard legacy data cable to the PoE injector. Then connect the PoE injector to the PoE device. The injector will add PoE/power to the data connection. Without the need for an electrical outlet, you can install PoE devices anywhere and they can be easily repositioned if required. PoE is also intelligent and designed to protect network equipment from overload, under-powering, or incorrect installation.

The BiTMICRO PoE Injector makes it easy to add the latest PoE devices to your existing non-PoE networks. All you require is the injector, and the new camera, sensor, device, or system is ready to connect to your legacy network resulting in lower costs, simpler installation, and greatly reduced maintenance.

BiTMICRO ACUMEN supports both PoE and a standard power connection. If you don’t have a PoE network but want the flexibility of using ACUMEN with PoE, simply add the BiTMICRO PoE Injector.

By Zophar Sante

Business Development

BiTMICRO Networks, Inc.

Date: 03/02/2020



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