BiTMICRO PoE Injector Overview

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power in addition to data and images. A device normally requires two connections, a network connection for transferring data and another connection for the electrical power. PoE eliminates the need for the power connection, which lowers expenses […]

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Data Security and Military Sanitization Standards

Data retention policies vary from organization to organization and are generally determined by legal requirements, the value of the information, and the cost to maintain the data. Data needs to be retained and accessible for a specified period of time. After that time has expired, the data needs to be […]

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4K Ultra HD requires Solid State Storage Arrays

The broadcast industry is constantly being challenged with new demands. For example, formats like 4K Ultra HD require new equipment and infrastructures yet budgets continue to be constrained making it difficult to meet these new requirements. Creating, managing, and distributing broadcast content in the latest formats is complex from both […]

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Classroom Heroes- integrate All Flash Arrays with Edu Apps

  Whether you’re a small college with a few thousand students or a large university with an enrollment of fifty thousand, IT infrastructures need to meet the demands of faculty, staff, and students. Patience is not a virtue for many users in higher education. Students, administrators, and teachers want immediate […]

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Business DBs Demand All Flash Storage

An SSD (Solid State Drive) can deliver over 1000 times more performance than an HDD (Hark Disk Drive) depending on the application, NAND type, system, SSD interface, SSD model and manufacturer. Databases are performance hungry environments and are usually mission and business critical. A poorly performing database can negatively impact […]

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The Unbeatable All Flash Arrays for VDI

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) runs user desktops inside a virtual machine that lives on a server. Each virtual desktop can be customized for a particular user yet has all the security, data protection, and simplicity of centralized management. With VDI, users have the freedom to access their virtual desktops at any time, […]

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