January 12, 2017

Classroom Heroes- integrate All Flash Arrays with Edu Apps


Whether you’re a small college with a few thousand students or a large university with an enrollment of fifty thousand, IT infrastructures need to meet the demands of faculty, staff, and students. Patience is not a virtue for many users in higher education. Students, administrators, and teachers want immediate access to their applications and data. An IT infrastructure needs to improve capacity and performance to meet a diversity of needs such as new learning technologies, institutional analytics, and remote e‑learning.

Education is in the midst of a technological revolution. New platforms like mobile apps, tablet computing, game-based learning, and remote laboratories are becoming more prevalent across institutions. These technologies are intensive in terms of capacity and performance, and it’s frequently difficult to predict user demands. IT departments need to invest in extremely cost efficient, high‑performance storage to meet these needs while at the same time remain within constrained budgets.

In the past, data within a school district, college, or university was kept at the department level.  Data was kept in silos and rarely used to support broad university or district-wide decisions. But without all the data, many of these decisions were inefficient and needlessly wasted precious resources. Institutional intelligence deals with gathering and analyzing all the data to understand what’s occurring across the entire district, college, or university and then acting on the results. Data analytics is an ongoing process and the results can be used to develop better programs, ensure more efficient resource allocation, and solicit funding and grants. But data analytics is processing and storage intensive and requires potentially many compute nodes and high performance storage. Selecting the best components at the best cost is very important.

E-learning continues to be an important technology for institutions and universities who are increasingly under more pressure to keep up with the latest trends. Not all students learn the same way and not all faculties teach the same way and many students are beginning to prefer e-learning courses. It’s a great option for students who are located in other states or have obligations conflicting with class schedules.  Some universities have dozens of e-learning courses while others have hundreds, all with a countless number of enrolled students. In order to keep content streaming and ensure student interaction with course material in real-time, high performance servers and storage is a must.

IT leaders in education need to take a new approach to address the delivery of these new technologies. To ensure that storage performance can meet new and upcoming demands, use all flash arrays like the MAXio® All Flash Storage Array. With up to 12TBs of useable capacity and 560,000 IOPs at the lowest cost per IOP in its class.  The MAXio All Flash Array will make you a hero!

Writer: Zophar Sante, Business Development

Date: 1/12/2017

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