E-Disk® Altima™ II I-Series U.2 NVMe SSD


E-Disk Altima II I-Series SSDs utilize many of the same technologies found in proven military grade products from BiTMICRO®. E-Disk Altima II I-Series SSDs can store important information when temperatures, vibration, and humidity exceed the tolerances of ordinary SSDs.

AES encryption and TCG Opal ensure that access to data is authorized. PowerGuard® technology provides data consistency when power is unexpectedly disrupted.

Additional technologies provide longevity to reliably retain data for extended periods of time. Static wear-leveling, over-provisioning and garbage collection technologies extend the usable life of E-Disk Altima II I-Series SSDs.

  • Industrial Temperature Control Technology
  • PowerGuard® Power Loss Data Protection
  • Power On Data Erase
  • TRIM and SMART Monitoring & Reporting
  • AES 256 Support
  • TCG Opal Compliant
  • High Performance NVMe
Form Factor
U.2 (2.5”)
MLC: Up to 2TB
Sequential Read: Up to 2.8 GB/s
Sequential Write: Up to 1.6 GB/s
Security & Encryption
Power On Data Erase
AES 256 Encryption
TCG Opal 2.0 Compliance
Operating Temperature
Industrial: -40 to 85 °C
Operating Shock
1,500 G
Operating VIbration
16.4 Grms
PowerGuard Power Loss Data Protection
Standard: 1 year
Extended (Optional): 3 years
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