July 1, 2016

How Solid State Storage Helps – Keeping the US DOD and DHS on Top


In an ever-changing world facing constant conflict and national security threats, we depend heavily on the DOD (Department of Defense) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) to protect our borders and ensure peace.

In the mid-1990s, the DOD upgraded from hard drives to solid state technology for capturing and storing live mission data and operational information in the field.  The reason was obvious: hard-drives didn’t hold up to the performance requirements demanded by newer applications and they failed to meet reliability standards when deployed in fielded systems. In comparison, SSDs could easily withstand the abuse of field operations and delivered more than enough performance to address any application.  Whether used in a military aircraft, missile defense systems, or drones, properly designed SSDs withstood the rigors of field deployment. In addition to being rugged, SSDs featured data destruct technology to keep sensitive data from being compromised.  Because of this, SSDs became the clear choice for the DOD and DHS for field applications.

The DOD and DHS are now facing greater challenges than ever before in many new forms. But there are new technologies available that help overcome these threats. Facial recognition, data analytics, and satellite imagery help the DOD and DHS stay on top of their challenges. But today there is a greater sense of urgency; events are unfolding faster than before. Speed is critical.  The DOD and DHS are using what they learned from SSDs in field and applying the same technology to their data centers.

In their data centers, solid state storage is up to 100 times faster than traditional hard drives – tasks are performed in seconds rather than minutes. This is critical because many situations require split second analysis and response. Recognizing a known terrorist walking through an airport, analyzing the contents of a container entering a US port, or an unidentified aircraft rapidly approaching our airspace all come down to exact calculations done incredibly quickly. The systems that identify, analyze and report these threats need to act as fast as possible in order for us to react and counter potential threats.

BiTMICRO® has an extremely high performance solid state storage system that can support multiple applications simultaneously. The systems are designed to support the DOD and DHS with extreme performance and responsiveness to better address challenges and threats.  It supports over 500,000 4K random reads per second and 360,000 random 4K writes per second.

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Writer: Zophar Sante, Business Development
Date: 7/1/2016

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