E-Disk® Altima™ II M-CaP Mission Storage Data


BiTMICRO® E-Disk Altima II M-CaP Mission Data Storage Modules provide the extreme security, capacity and performance needed for the most demanding military applications.

For land, air, sea, and space missions where environments can change in seconds, E-Disk Altima II M-CaP provides an extremely rugged and secure, removable and portable, data storage solution.Armed with time-proven BiTMICRO solid state technology, ultra-rugged design, and leading state-or-the-art data encryption, E-Disk Altima II M-CaP can withstand and overcome any adverse environment.

But toughness is only half the battle. E-Disk Altima II M-CaP is extremely fast. With nearly 6GBs per second of NVMe read/write performance, it can easily keep pace and even outperform the most demanding data intensive applications. E-Disk Altima II M-CaP is also very dense, offering up to 8TB of capacity in a compact, hand-held form-factor to capture, reliably store,and secure large data sets.

E-Disk Altima II M-CaP is 100% removable and portable. When data needs to be physically removed from a system and transported through any environment to another system, E-Disk Altima II M-CaP provides the perfect solution.

  • Secure with embedded NIST ratified and FIPS approved AES 256 encryption. Includes secure and crypto erase to protect sensitive data.
  • Up to 8TB capacity to meet a wide range of application requirements.
  • Compact, low power, and light weight allows for use on a large variety of systems where SWaP is important.
  • Removable, multi-insertion/extraction design, rugged connectors, keyed casing and sturdy pull and lock tab for portable data storage on mobile systems.
  • Rugged design can withstand a wide temperature range, high humidity, extreme vibration and shock, and meets most military standards.
  • High-speed standards-based NVMe interface and upto 6GBs per second performance.





Form Factor
Multi-insertion / extraction –hand-portable-ultra rugged chassis. Chassis is keyed for proper insertion. Optional insertion / extraction / locking / carrying tab
Supported NAND Types
SLC, SLC Mode over 3D
TLC,MLC Mode over 3D
SLC Mode over 3D
TLC,MLC Mode over 3D
Sequential Read: Up to 2GB/s
Sequential Write: Up to 150K IOPS Read / 130K IOPS Write
Sequential Read: Up to 6GB/s
Sequential Write: Up to 150K IOPS Read / 130K IOPS Write
Sequential Read: Up to 6GB/s
Sequential Write: Up to 150K IOPS Read / 130K IOPS Write
Security & Encryption
Embedded AES-256, NIST ratified and FIPS approved and key management
TCG Opal 2.0 Compliance (Optional)
FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Compliance (Optional)
Crypto Erase (Optional)
Power On Data Erase
Operating Temperature
Industrial Extended Temp: -40 to 70 ºC
Industrial Wide Temp: -40 to 85 ºC
Operating Shock
20G, Half-Sine, 11ms
Operating Vibration
20G (80-2000 Hz)
Standard: 1 Year
Extended (Optional): 3 Years
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