MAXio® Low Profile Add-In Card S-Series NVMe SSD


MAXio NVMe Low Profile AIC SSD delivers high capacity, high performance, and can withstand the rigors of industrial environments. With up to 4 units of M.2 SSDs, it packs TBs of data in a low profile add-in card form factor. Applications requiring expandability and on-demand capacity upgrade can benefit from using the MAXio NVMe Low Profile AIC SSD by growing and scaling the capacity as needed.

Advanced flash management features such as wear leveling, error correction, over-provisioning, garbage collection technologies, with TRIM support, extend the drive life and ensures reliability required by commercial and industrial applications.

  • Up to 4x M.2 NVMe Industrial SSDs in a Low Profile Add-in Card Form Factor
  • Power On Data Erase with NVMe Format Command
  • PowerGuard® Power Loss Data Protection
  • High Performance NVMe
  • TRIM Support
  • SMART Monitoring & Reporting
Form Factor
PCIe Low Profile, Half Length
MLC: Expandable Up to 8TB
(Up to 4x M.2 SSD per AIC. Dependent on M.2 SSD capacity)
Read: Up to 8 GB/s
Write: Up to 4 GB/s
Power On Data Erase
Operating Temperature
Industrial: -40 to 85 °C
Standard: 1 year
Extended (Optional): 2 years
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