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General Policy 

We at BiTMICRO respect your privacy and we recognize your right to receive the appropriate protection in the collection, storage and processing of personally identifiable information that you share with us. Personally identifiable information is any information through which you can be identified such as your name, address, locational data, telephone number, or any online identifiers. For this reason, we have adopted a Data Privacy Policy that complies with the laws of each jurisdiction in which we operate and we hereby publish this Privacy Notice so that you will understand how we manage and protect such information that we receive from you.

In general, we do not collect any personally identifiable information from you except solely the information which you voluntarily submit to us through our Contact Us page which is located at In using the Contact Us, you should freely input your individual names, company names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers and must submit the information to us by answering a captcha-based query and clicking the “submit” button. Site visitors who will not use the Contact Us will remain anonymous to us in our site with regard to their personal identities, online personal identifiers and browsing activities and will be able to continue browsing the contents of our website as anonymous site visitors. We currently do not require site registration and log-in to access the information in our website. We also do not use any automated stealth data gathering tools or applications on our web visitors except with regard to browser cache and cookies which do not, however, gather personal information.

User Experience Enhancement

Your web browsers may initiate web caching in accessing the content of our website by saving cache data into your local storage so as to optimize the loading of our web pages. We hereby inform you that we do not participate in such caching process apart from being the origin of the cached data that is derived from our site. Neither can we, by such caching process, collect or store your personal information. You are free at any time to remove some or all of the cache data from your local storage.

For better user experience, we engage the services of third-party analytics that use cookies to track our users’ activities on our website. While these cookies provide more intuitive information on our visitors’ browsing patterns, statistics and trends, they do not track, collect, store or process personal data.

We exert serious efforts to ensure that activities on our website related to cache and cookies comply with appropriate local and international regulations.

Consent to Data Collection, Storage and Processing

You are able to access all pages in our website without needing to submit personal data to us or to use our Contact Us page. Should we in the future need to collect personal information from you, be assured that our policy requires us to seek your appropriate personal consent before we proceed with any such collection, storage or processing of your personally identifiable data and that we shall inform you of the scope of the personal data to be collected, the extent and duration of the collection, where the collected information will be stored and the processes to which your stored data will be subjected to.

Your consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information shall be obtained in the form and substance that is required by your relevant regional or country jurisdiction. In seeking your consent, you will have the option to effectively decline to provide us your personally identifiable information including as the case may be, options for “opt in” and/or “opt out” depending on applicable laws or regulations. Should you choose not to provide the information that we request, we have the option to allow you to still visit our site without restrictions or limitations or we may, in the alternative, limit or restrict your access to our website depending solely on our current company policies or business strategies. Should we opt to limit your access on account of your refusal to provide personally identifiable information, we shall inform you about such restriction or limitation. We shall not, should we obtain it, disclose your personally identifiable information to any third-party individuals or entities without specifically obtaining your consent to such a third-party disclosure as well as the purpose for it.

Integrity, Accuracy and Security of Personal Data

We have a policy to maintain the integrity of the personal information that we collect, store and process in faithful keeping of the data that you, as a data subject, supply to us. While we cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information, we take strict precaution to ensure that we do not cause the data errors ourselves or that if we do, systems are in place for the erroneous data’s immediate detection and/or rectification. We also take prudent steps to protect the information that you share with us against unauthorized access or disclosure.

Notify Us

Should you have any comments or questions regarding our privacy policy or our handling of any personal information which you may have submitted to us, please contact us at

BiTMICRO is a trademark of BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. of California, USA. When used in this context, it pertains to the said company and all its affiliated entities.

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