RAMPART™ Security Configuration Utility

  • Private Cloud (IoET) – An Internet of Encrypted Things
  • Browser-based basic interface
  • Comprehensive and intuitive GUI
  • Scale-out architecture
  • Securely transmit data between any two distributed physical RAMPART Modules.
  • Securely transmit data from dozens of distributed physical RAMPART Modules to a single host by creating an equal number of local Virtual RAMPART Modules.
  • Easy-to-Integrate
  • Seamless encryption
  • Centralized management
  • Secure and authenticated communication
  • Health, Capacity, and Performance Monitoring
  • Crypto and Secure Erase
  • Optional military sanitization



BiTMICRO® RAMPART Security Configuration Utility is a software-configurable framework that is language-neutral, platform-neutral, and extensible. It includes a browser-based application and a more comprehensive intuitive GUI. The management software is designed to manage, configure, monitor, and control the unique RAMPART Cyber Secure Solid State Storage Modules in delivering a powerful embedded security solution for data-at-rest as well as data-in-transit between any two locations. RAMPART Security Configuration Utility is essential to configure the distributed security options available with RAMPART Cyber Secure Solid State Storage Modules.

RAMPART Security Configuration Utility is available in two product editions:

Configurable Encryption Edition

Enables users to control the Distributed Security configuration of the RAMPART Cyber Secure Solid State Storage Modules. It includes a mobile browser-based application for basic configuration and monitoring along with the more comprehensive and intuitive, extendable GUI to view detailed configuration and operational statistics.

Full Suite Edition

Includes the Configurable Encryption Edition and adds military sanitization. Military sanitization includes all the commonly used and approved standard methods of protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access and retrieval.



Data Encryption-Stored Data
Included -RAMPART Embedded AES-256, NIST ratified and FIPS approved
Data Encryption-Transmitted Data
Included RAMPART™ Cyber Security -Data remains encrypted during transmission -Embedded, Distributed, End-to-End, AES-256, NIST ratified and FIPS approved

RAMPART Comprehensive and Intuitive GUI

Centralized Management

Module Management
• Server and Module List
• Distributed Security Configuration
• Module Information
• Health Monitoring
• Firmware Upgrade / Downgrade
• Crypto Erase Function
• Secure Erase Function

Distributed Security Configuration

Security Configuration Pairing
• Module Selection
• Module Pairing
Security Configuration Setting
• A (Encrypt Write / Decrypt Read)
• B (Encrypt Write / Normal Read)
• C (Normal Write / Decrypt Read)

Product Information

Module Information
• Firmware Version
• Model Name
• Product ID
• Serial Number
• Vendor ID
• Capacity
• Performance Statistics

OS Support

Operating System
• Linux
• Windows

RAMPART Full Suite Edition adds Military Sanitization

Military Sanitization

Supported Standards
• NSA 130-2
• NSA 9-12
• US Navy NAVSO P5239-26
• US Air Force AFSSI 5020
• US Army 380-19
• IRIG 106 Chap 10
• NISPOM DoD 5220.22-M
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